Landscaping For Winter Homes

Although it’s almost winter, gardening is not over yet. The plants, terraces, and ponds still need to be maintained. The best way to get to them is before the cold sets. Applying for a licensed garden design service reduces winter pressure in the garden and can even save a few dollars in the spring, which will be next year.

When it comes to protecting the landscape in winter, this is a double process. You have to look after the plants, flowers, and trees in the backyard and preserve your outdoor terraces and terraces with air conditioning. Proper and complete gardening is the key to keeping your garden safe and beautiful year round.

Hiring A Landscape Architect Can Help

Whether you are building your own designs or hiring a professional contractor like the guys from Legends Landscaping in Reno is still a smart choice to protect your outdoor spaces. Some of the services offered may be included.


If you leave plants on your outdoor terraces and terraces, you can take them indoors to defend them from the cold of the night. If you have planted flower beds in the garden or in the front yard, talk to the designer of your garden about using the mulch. Too much can harm plants, and very little is useless. Therefore, it is better if your service uses it for you.

The Care of The Lawn

Resist the temptation to “kill” your lawn in the colder months. Ask a specialist to take soil samples to make sure that the pH is balanced. Your landscaping service should also cover the thatched roof, remove the dead leaves, and remove weeds rising from the ground.

Natural Materials

Most people have terraces and outdoor terraces made of natural materials such as stone or wood. Both can be damaged by adverse weather conditions such as snow or high winds. It’s better to seal your outdoor patios and terraces with professional service to prevent cracks, chips, and discoloration.


You can do it on your own, depending on the intensity of your garden furniture. Make sure you carry as much furniture as possible, especially the pillows.


It may seem silly to water your trees, but in the last few months of autumn, it’s a wise decision. Trees can easily be damaged in winter, as they can not extract water from snow or ice. A good glass of water helps them stay healthy in the winter. You can also ask your landscape architect to remove branches and low or dying branches.

When it comes to preparing for the winter landscape, it’s really about starting in the fall. It is possible that you can damage your garden and equipment if you wait until the winter for landscaping. If you use the services of a licensed landscape architect, you can better prepare your outdoor spaces for the winter. This means less money and time to repair broken, discolored or dead items in the spring. When it comes to preparing the winter landscape, there is no time like the present to get things moving.