We all enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. After spending most of our time indoors, it is always a refreshing feeling to be on a well-kept lawn or under the shade of a tree during a hot summer. Well, these benefits are as a result of good design landscaping Reno that was once a mere thought before it was implemented into the beautiful garden we like spending time in.


For one to get the desired characteristics of their outdoor space, proper planning needs to be put in place. It is very important to consider the available area to determine the type, form and size plants to establish. Narrow spaces will not allow for plants that grow into big trees or shrubs with big trunks. Also, one needs to understand the climate and soil type of the region so that he/she can do plants that are best suited to that environment.


The intended function of the plants dramatically guides during landscape design by a landscaper. If the intention is to use is for children to play or for walking pets proper consideration on the hardscape components like swings and slides should be taken to complement the vegetation used. Other designs will be suited for outdoor entertainment.


It is important to use plants that are suited to the available resources. Water is a valuable resource, and before putting up structures like waterfalls or fountains, the impact on the environment should be put into consideration. Careful assessment is essential to determine whether the existing plants and arrangements should be left in place or removed to give way to new ones.

Use of focal points

For beautiful outdoor space, there is a need to have distinct plants and unique structures to highlight particular points in the landscape by a good landscaping company. These focal points serve the brilliant use of the landscape and draw attention to the users.

Lastly one should determine what function the plants will have in the landscape. Some serve as hedges, others cover walls, and some are used as windbreakers. With prior planning, an outdoor space can become the most attractive space in a compound.